Managing Affinity Travel Programs in Times of Adversity

By Ian Scott, President of Aventura World

As a travel brand in business since 1972, we understand that life is certainly full of surprises, and you’ll never be 100 percent sure of what’s around the next corner.

Over the years we have successfully made dreams a reality for hundreds of thousands of travelers. We have also successfully managed adversity on grand scales – from two Gulf wars, the Balkan war and 9/11, to SARS, Ebola, MRSA and the Avian Bird Flu – and we have always come out well on the other side by creating effective action plans and procedures; always here to help our chamber partners.

At Aventura World we are pleased to share the knowledge, expertise and strength to advise and assist in situations of adversity like the current COVID-19 that can seem overwhelming. Our team has the experience and resilience to handle situations that come our way and recover quickly.

Many chambers use travel as a fundraising tool by creating an affinity program and using an affinity travel provider at fundraising travel prices – like Aventura World. To keep chamber partners growing their revenue at the onset of COVID-19, Aventura World went into action immediately to protect 2021 bookings.

As a visionary and leader in this industry, we understand the need for chambers to protect their revenue moving forward. Therefore, we are pleased to share that for all 2021 programs Aventura World is offering a money-back guarantee for members and travelers all the way up to 120 days before departure. We are taking the financial risk out of booking and providing a meaningful incentive to show that we are in this with our chamber partners and here to support them at every turn.

We have been through many worldwide events and each time emerged stronger – with even greater loyalty from our chamber partners and travelers, and we are proud to reciprocate and continue to help grow your revenue via affinity travel. Sales and profit are important, but partnerships and mutual respect are paramount.


Aventura World is dedicated to providing the best travel programs and unparalleled client service. We have designed a system to enable you to offer a seamless service without any additional work. 
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