Charlotte Regional Business Alliance Uses a Proactive Marketing Strategy During COVID-19

Now more than ever, we are seeing communities, businesses and nonprofits rallying together to support local economies, organizations and each other during the COVID-19 health crisis. Charlotte Regional Business Alliance (CLT Alliance) has continued to be a reliable, trusted resource during this time, serving the 15-county region in North and South Carolina.

In working with one of their partners, Accrisoft, Charlotte Regional Business Alliance has leveraged their website and marketing communications to connect, engage and keep investors informed every step of the way throughout the pandemic. Using Accrisoft's total software solution, CLT Alliance continues to be proactive in providing reliable news and ongoing business resources. Below are specific examples that show the many ways CLT Alliance has been a valuable resource to investors and the community at large.

Homepage Banner
Placed strategically under the hero video on the homepage is a banner that prompts site visitors to click on the COVID-19 resource portal. From there, investors can find information about updates on CLT Alliance events along with public resources for business and the workplace.


COVID-19 Landing Page
Charlotte Regional Business Alliance has created a specific COVID-19 landing page portal to house all news and resources for their investors and the community. With the amount of information that has developed and continues to be released during the health crisis, creating and updating a COVID-19 landing page is the best way to display this specific content. 



News and Resources
CLT Alliance has done an exceptional job at publishing daily news on their website regarding COVID-19, the local economy and business-related updates. The news section also has a feature that showcases trending articles that have been viewed the most by site visitors.


Email Marketing
The Daily Digest is a roundup of curated content that gives readers a ‘digest’ of pertinent news. Readers can skim the article to gather the information they need or click to read the entire story.


Social Media
From Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube, CLT Alliance continues to share high-value content on news-related topics, recorded webinars and virtual panel discussions. CLT Alliance has also embedded their Twitter feed onto their website, allowing visitors to catch up on their latest Tweets. This is a great way for members to quickly scroll their feed without leaving the website. 


While business has been anything but usual during this time, CLT Alliance has continued to be dedicated to the economic success and support of the Charlotte 15-county region in North and South Carolina. It takes a committed team with a focused mission and easy-to-manage software to be proactive when the unexpected occurs, just like CLT Alliance has done.

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