Using Membership Software to Pivot

By Colleen Bottorff, Inbound Marketing Specialist

Sometimes, we need to look at our software solutions a little differently.

Under “normal” circumstances they’re set up to best help you save time, work efficiently, and serve your members, of course. But with a little creativity, they can even be “retooled” a bit to help you accomplish something completely different when you need to pivot — and pivot fast.

So, what are some ideas you may not have thought of? How are other chambers taking advantage of their software during the COVID-19 pandemic, in particular? We put some thoughts together centered around three well-known challenges:

Managing dues renewal time

  • Pay close attention to renewal trends. Are your members renewing at a different pace than they typically do? What were they doing this time last year? Make sure you know your renewal trends so you can spot any deviation from “the norm” as soon as it starts.
  • The array of industries that make up your membership may have different financial challenges to address right now. See if you can find ways to segment your membership into groups so you can have more authentic conversations during dues renewal outreach.

Supporting your community

  • One of the most innovative things we’ve seen comes from a MemberClicks customer, the Asheville Chamber of Commerce: they put together a directory just to highlight how members are responding to COVID-19. (Are they hiring? Are they offering take-out? Free delivery? A special discount on products or services?)
  • If you have a job board tool, consider taking a page out of the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce’s book and offer employers a promo code for a free job posting or two. They tell us that members and non-members alike have been super appreciative — and you know they’ll all remember that support!

Engaging members virtually

  • Keep your meetings intact and host them virtually. If you’re using a learning management system, you likely have the flexibility to handle meetings of all kinds, from small committee gatherings to a full-on virtual conference with concurrent sessions.

    (Why use an LMS for small gatherings? You can make them permission-based, store and share important files, use data to identify trends, etc. Think of it as a way to manage those meetings as a full-on program, rather than one-off get togethers.)
  • Speaking of smaller groups: use your membership management system to set up special lists of contacts at your member organizations who want to stay in touch and chat about certain topics. Send an initial email to understand what topics each person is interested in, then tag their profile so you can easily keep track, send targeted emails, and facilitate discussions.

Hopefully, you’re now inspired to look at your membership management tools and see how they can be reworked alongside your strategic planning. The best solutions are the ones that work FOR you! For more helpful and hyper-relevant tips, subscribe to receive MemberClicks blog posts directly in your inbox!

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